The Art of Devotion

– The Art of Devotion –
An introductory workshop for couples
on Love, Sex, Intimacy & Tantra

An inspirational and playful weekend
focusing on love, pleasure and higher quality of life,
with theory, practical experience and open talks.

Enhance your capability to give and recieve pleasure!
Learn to know your pleasure spots – as well as your partner’s!
Deepen your mutual intimacy, love and ecstasy!
Dissolve unnecessary inhibitions that stops you from loving and enjoying!
Maximize your orgasms – both women and men can be multiorgasmic!
Say YES to the most powerful original, creative life force within us all –
the Divine, Sacred, Playful, Magical Sexuality!

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Art of Devotion is an English version of our immensely popular introductory workshop for couples in Sweden – Gudomlig Njutning – which also is the backbone of our whole teaching enterprise. Since we started our business back in 2004, we have had more than a thousand participants, and amazing reviews all through. We dare to say that we present the best love workshop for couples in Sweden. Now we want to expand…

Art of Devotion is a playful and inspiring way to have more love, sex, freedom, presence, pleasure, life, desire, lust, playfulness and joy in your life. We offer you and your partner to find a playful way to delve into your relationship, to make a new discovery of what made you fall in love with each other from the start, and to find new reasons to fall in love again.

This workshop is also about sexual empowerment and bodily autonomy. Once you have gained power over your sex life, you will soon find that this power spreads to everything else in your life. Good sex is also very healthy – on all levels. For physical health, emotional well being, mental stability and spiritual balance – and absolutely nothing to be ashamed of.

The finest gift you can give your partner is your trust, your desire, your presence and your time, enjoying your partner’s sexuality, wanting more of it – having full access to your own sexuality, inviting your partner to enjoy all your assets. Your partner wants your body.

Your body is an amazing tool for limitless pleasure – for yourself as well as for others around you. Love your body, and make it a gift of love – to yourself and your partner.

Love in nature

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